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Cheshire Yeomanry

Gloucestershire Regiment

  • Great Wave Of Patriotism - Patriotic fervour in Bristol as Lord Derby's 'Group Scheme' for recruitment closes in 1915. Gloucestershire Regiment gains a new recruit, William Britton.
  • Civilian to Soldier - Mobilisation and training with the 16th (Reserve) Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment at Chisledon Camp, Spring 1916.
  • 13th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment - Notes on the origins of the Pioneer Battalion and its departure to France, March 1916
  • The Boar's Head - Notes on attack on German Front Line, North of the Boar's Head, June 1916
  • A fateful transfer... - 2/6th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment near Arras, October 1917
  • Coolness and Courage - A Company, 2/6th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, raid enemy trenches, October 1917
  • The night was fineThanks to contemporary trench maps and satellite imagery it is possible to find the exact site of a trench raid of October 1917, which is open farmland today.

10th (Shropshire & Cheshire Yeomanry) Bn. King's Shropshire Light Infantry

Merchant Navy

  • A Man of the Sea - Frank Burgess Platt's long career with the Merchant Navy lasted until he was 66

South Lancashire Regiment

  • Salonika Bound - Joseph Minshall enlists with the 9th Battalion South Lancashire Regiment, December 1915 

15th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Bn. Suffolk Regiment

  • Commissioned in the Field - On 8 December 1917 Thomas Minshall was granted a Commission in the Field as 2nd Lieutenant 1/1st Suffolk Yeomanry (Duke of York’s Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars).
  • Jerusalem Surrenders - At noon on 11 December 1917, Sir Edmund Allenby made his official entry into Jerusalem. 15th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Bn. Suffolk Regiment had suffered casualties at this time.
  • Rumours of a move... - In May 1918 15th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Bn. Suffolk Regiment arrived in Marseilles, from Alexandria.
  • Lamotte-Buleux Portrait - 15th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Bn. Suffolk Regiment reached Lamotte-Buleux in May 1918, and commenced a period of training. Post from home reached some of the men.
  • Outpost Encounters - Early in October 1918 the 74th Division took over from the 19th Division a sector of the front line in northern France nearly three miles in length with Neuve Chapelle, in the centre.
  • Tournai, November 1918 - By mid-October the 15th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Bn. Suffolk Regiment were in the line to the east of Orcq, on the outskirts of Tournai, the village being strongly held by machine guns.

Subject Index (Chronological Order)

  • Sunshine and Tears - An injured Trooper's experience in a military hospital. Wounded Belgians plight and the sacking of Louvain, November 1914
  • Yarmouth Bombardment and Mormon Spies! - Imperial German Navy target Great Yarmouth and possible spies captured, November 1914
  • Zeppelin Savagery - "The long-threatened German aerial raid upon England has taken place at last", January 1915
  • The Best Parade of the Day - With the Army School of Physical and Bayonet Training at Aldershot, October 1915
  • Great Wave Of Patriotism - Patriotic fervour in Bristol as Lord Derby's 'Group Scheme' for recruitment closes in 1915.
  • Pioneer Spirit - The work of the Pioneers, by a Private in a Pioneer Battalion (1917)
  • Cadet Class, Cairo - The Imperial School of Instruction was at Zeitoun, a suburb of Cairo